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Garth Partridge

Garth Partridge

Garth Partridge has been actively involved in the New Zealand business community over many years and understands the power of the saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know”.


Garth was born on the North Shore of Auckland and has owned many business entities, which include retail, graphic design, software development and distribution. For the last 15 years as a business advisor, he has focused on building an incredible network of contacts and helping business owners make more money. His experience as a business owner, coupled with over 12 years in corporate life and knowledge of the local market, sets Garth up as the ideal, practical, get it done guy with the highest integrity.


His passion is to do whatever he can to help business owners have even greater success, whether a new owner entering into a business or an owner exiting and looking for further opportunities. With his experience in working alongside greater than 300 businesses across most industries, Garth is the go-to guy for a fair business value appraisal and with his creativity, he is able to focus on making sure all deals are win-win.

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